Second Day: Arise

Dear brothers and sisters,
I hope all people that were traveling, made it safe  home! 
This morning I opened up my association notes and I tried to remember everything that I wanted to engrave in my thought. I passed all I could to my journal. I am grateful we had another hour this morning! Isn't nice to know you don't need to rush and off the church every Sunday morning? I am grateful we had the time to make pancakes and even do some little chores before we went off the door.
What are you all grateful for?

Happy Sunday!


  1. I am so grateful for the wonderful fall colors this year. Yes, every year we have great color in MO, but this year . . . even the oaks are gloriously different colors of brown. I have intentionally stopped several times yesterday and today and just "looked" at the color of a particular tree or shrub or even a lone leaf. Each is reflecting God as Soul in different hues--brilliant, subtle, quiet, breathtaking.

  2. Thank you Pat for visiting, please come again!


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