Day Two: Forgiveness

Monday, Dec 5

I have been having some trouble with my thoughts in and out yesterday, some fear, some anger, and something in between. What happened on Saturday troubled me.
When I ask Mark to help me, he said "you need to work with Forgiveness"...
So today, I am focusing on forgiveness.
As I am contemplating forgiveness, I understand it as letting go of self, quit separation, abandon position, ignore reasoning, allow oneness in thought.
My forgiveness, becomes appreciation for the opportunity to salute an opponent in my consciousness and feel at peace.
I am grateful for that peace.


  1. That is a picture of pure bliss! I was thinking about how just basking in the presence of divine Love is pure bliss. You don't have to go anywhere to experience it. Just stop what you're doing for a minute and sense the presence and power of Love. That's having a Sabbath moment. I'll be doing that many times today as I write a paper on Julian of Norwich for my Christian Spiritual Traditions class at seminary. It will be especially easy because Julian was such a deep spiritual thinker who knew that God is only Love. Here's a quote--one of many from her writings: "God, of your goodness give me yourself, for you are enough for me, and I can ask for nothing which is less which can pay you full worship. And if I ask anything which is less, always I am in want; but only in you do I have everything." (Long Text, ch. 5)

  2. this is so beautiful, thank you Maryl!


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