3rd Day: Be the Light

A new fresh start today, and as every Monday calls:"I have a lot to do"...
Now we have the opportunity to put everything we learned this past weekend into practice.
One, easily can complaint about the yucky rainy weather here in St Louis and the sudden early darkness after the time change...
But the Bible lesson started me well, and my husband, Mark, keeps reminding me:"Don't forget your 21 days commitment".
So I am truly grateful for a very productive day at work, and that sense of brightness and joy just because. I am grateful that I was able to let Maryl's loving words echo in my mind, when people around me were going on and on about sickness. Instead of getting frustrated as usual, I took a moment to know that we are WHOLE!


  1. Hello Everyone! Yes, day three of not complaining. I caught myself yesterday very quickly when I started to complain, I mean really complain about something, and thought wait a minute,.. I need to express love here. It really was almost unconscious brakes that came on which I credit to some good prayerful study in the morning.

    Love this from the lesson this week - "Immortal ideas, pure, perfect and enduring, are transmitted by the divine Mind through divine Science, which corrects error with truth and demands spiritual thoughts, divine concepts, to the end that they may produce harmonious results" Wow! It's a mini treatment! I wrote it down in my notebook to savor.

  2. My husband is also "helping" me keep my goal of 21 days--he is kiddingly saying he is trying to catch me and send me back to day one. As things came up he would remind me of my commitment. Immediately I would then replace any complainng thought with a loving one. This is blessing to all, because even if I hadn't thought erroneously, he had targeted the situation, and with that, our cunter thought had to have blessed those involved. His identifying the possibility of complaining moments, I think, is helping all around us today. This is becoming family fun!!

  3. Don't you love our husband helpers?

  4. Maria and Pat, I love that your husbands are supporting you in this. I had to laugh when I told my husband that about the challenge, he seemed a little TOO excited about it :)

  5. Yeah, I told my teenager daughter about it and she gave me "the look"...


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