Day One again: Discipline

Thursday, Nov 17

Today, a whole thunderstorm came along to my experience.
First, an arrogant customer who wanted to play the bargain game. I felt bullied and intimidated. Although I held myself on talking to others about it, I couldn't help it wanting to play it in my thought. I really had to discipline my thought to not go there. And it wasn't complaint exactly, but self justification-complaint's first cousin...

Then, my daughter called: "Mom, I just had a car accident, but I am OK, the car isn't, it was not my fault though!...". 
Now how you deal with this, in a non-complaint period?"Honey, I am in a mental diet right now, I can't take this!?"
Time for more prayer. On the way to the accident spot, I was trying to gather any thought I could about God and His Mother presence, where I was not. Then everything got taking care of, Natalia is fine, and everybody is safe.
So, I am grateful that Natalia is safe, I am grateful that my gratitude muscle is getting stronger and my complaint muscle is about to die...


  1. Maria,

    These are wonderful posts and pictures. I'm so grateful that Natalia is fine. And I love that others are following this as well. I'm sure we've all needed to start over again a few times! I was thinking about how to reverse the complaints: for instance, instead of complaining that roses have thorns (we cut down all our rose bushes yesterday, getting them ready for winter), be grateful that thorns have roses! I love you all. Lots of healing progress since Association.

  2. Yes, Maryl I started the re-count. Big mama is checking on me!


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