Day Six: Leaning on the Rock

Tuesday Nov 22
I took a couple of days off this week, and I am wearing the "I am busy" hat, wanting to do everything I can't do  when I am at the office.
Another words, WORK!
Yes, it doesn't sound like a day off, but I feel glad that I break the routine with something different, cooking and serving my family feels good.
Yet, I am dealing with a physical challenge, and I catch myself having moments of mental grumpiness, like "I am in pain and I am on my feet" kind of thing...
I had a moment feeling that heavy sense of fatigue and a fear thought that I am wearing out...
So, I had to withdraw myself in the books and search for some spiritual support, that sense of leaning on a strength that's beyond me.
"To those leaning on the sustaining Infinite, today is big with blessings!"
Leaning on Truth is so relieving! I am grateful for my books, I am grateful for Truth!

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