A New Assignment

Our first day of Pentacost is over, and full of fire and excitement, we are ready to take our beloved teacher's challenge: "Spend your next 21 days without any complaint! No complaints about everything and anything. Not even once. Don't even imagine it. 
If you fail, you have to start over again. Plain and simple."

So here I am, ready to be hired for the task. And the only way I can think of for this to be working, is to name it "21 Days of Gratitude". We can't be grateful and complaint at the same time, right?
So dear brothers and sisters, I invite you to participate to this joyful work. Feel free to post everyday's good things and stay on task.
Let's do it!
Anyone with me?


1 comment:

  1. Hi Maria,

    Okay I am with you.

    I will have to stay very conscious of myself to achieve this :)


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