Day Five: Redemption

Monday, Nov 21

Cousin Joe is coming to visit from Rhode Island and I am cleaning and preparing the house for Thanksgiving. I am exited for the preparations of the Holiday!
My cat Prince decided to have diarrhea, and all though he used the litter, he traced his dirty job all around the house: the floor, the carpet, my bed...
I freaked out!
Did I complaint? YES, for crying out loud!!!
I had to vacuum, mop, treat the carpet, change bedding and chase the scared to death Prince, all around the house with a wet towel to clean him. He probably thought "what is with this mad lady?"
(I think he complained too!)
I went to bed after 1.30 a.m. mumbling about my aching body... 
Pure ANIMAL magnetism or what?

I guess I am grateful I have a bed!
And I was soooo into the Gratitude mode...
I hate to start over again!(Complain!)
Unless Maryl will give me a redemption ticket. PLEASE!....

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  1. Ha! I think you are justified for complaining, and you redeemed yourself in gratitude for your bed in the wee hours of the night! The picture you found is wonderful. I love it. No, don't start all over again. You are doing great.
    Have a blessed and redeemed day, everyone!


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