Day Three: Prayer

Today, it is a day of rest, I need to overview the week with all the "wins" and the little things I need to change. It is a day of prayer. I feel this extra need for prayer. And I feel I need to begin with gratitude...
I am grateful for this day of rest and all the "must do's" in a relaxed way. I am grateful for the extra prayer time, the laughter, the consciousness of "HOME".


  1. Last year our church had underground electrical lighting repaired in our front. This fall I noticed most of the lights were out. Sure enough my "complaining" thought tried to creep in as fear that the work was undone somehow throughout the summer. I immediately had to change thought to realize how our church is lit with joy and love all the time, night and day, that God is in control. Nothing can keep our light from shining in the community. My gratitude extended to my husband who had to change the 16 difficult light bulbs. When he was finished, we rejoiced that the church was lit so beautifully.


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