Day Five: "Pneuma"

Today it is really windy here in St Louis, and as I was in my quiet time, the idea came to me that the Greek word "Pneuma" which means Spirit has a sense of wind and movement in it.
So I thought,  ok, I am going to let Pneuma, -the wind- go through me today and inspire me, clean me up, move me...
I am grateful for the wind, and all the movement, for it is all for good.
I am grateful for more people are coming to the blog, and everybody makes an effort to focus on the task.
And I am grateful I have made it so far!

In Pneuma,

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  1. The wind idea reminds me of sailing and how the boat is moved by the flow of the wind. You have to use the wind to move. The way the boat moves is effected by both the amount of wind and the skill the sailor has in directing the path. Using the wind (Spirit) we can allow ourselves to be fully engaged in growth and gain the speed toward our goals. It is also possible to miss use the wind and stop the flow completely. We have to keep our spiritual awareness on the wind and on the flow of ideas so that we can move and grow.


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