Day Six: Trust

Today, I had a big presentation at work, and I was barely ready for it. I have been very busy last week, and truly I didn't have time to prepare. The day before, I started getting really nervous. The project was complicated and I had no time to come up with some ideas. And the appointment could not be canceled, for my clients have made a special arrangement to come...
It was time for extra prayer. " I just have to come out of the way" I thought, God is the Soul that comes up with all ideas. I need to trust, that somehow things are going to work out.
This morning, I woke up earlier, and I went through the lesson. Then I took some quiet time to think how big my God is. Then, I went one hour early at work, and I started putting things together. Work that usually would take me many hours, -some times even days- was completed in a couple of hours. I even had time to work with somebody else prior to my meeting!
The meeting came smoothly and everything worked out in a great way. My clients left very happy!

I am grateful to know how big my God is! I am grateful for the trust that He has put into my heart!

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