Day 2: Hugs

It is one week since we got into this commitment and I have to admit this is harder than I thought...
I don't know how opportunities for complaints just jump right into my face! If it's not this, it is that...
But I have to admit also, that I find myself in a gratitude mode easier and more often. It becomes a little habit.  A little spoon full of sugar, that makes the day worthy to be lived to each every detail.

So, all I need to do is to give myself a hug! To give myself a little credit for at least making the effort. One day, 21 days full of gratitude will be my second nature. I am grateful that I am hard wired to be grateful no matter what. I am grateful that I am making the effort. I am grateful that I am in the hug mode.

Is any body else with me?

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