Day Four: Humility

Thurs Dec 1st

I have learned a good lesson yesterday, and I feel I need to bring my focus on humility.
When I think "humility", a thought of gentleness comes to mind, acceptance, willingness, meekness, simplicity, selflessness.
The "being at ease" rises, and Christ takes over...
I have a lot to learn, I am grateful for learning.


  1. I don't know where you find the amazing pictures, Maria. Every one of them is a keeper.

    I had to transfer to a different computer today, and it was pretty amazing how it all worked together, with my nephew getting my old one to his great joy and helping me be up and running on this one--not new but in much better condition than the old one. There was no angst re. programs not working--what didn't work was quickly solved. That's huge progress for me. It isn't that I couldn't figure it out myself eventually, it's just that I'm not choosing to spend my time in that direction. It felt like God's angels right at hand today. I'm humbly grateful!

  2. The pictures just come to me... seems that God sends them. I never know what is next, it just comes!

    So nice to hear that you received help effortlessly! I think being at ease, should natural and expected.
    You deserve even more!....


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