Day Five: Overflow

Wed Jan 4th

"My cup runneth over." PS 23
There is a constant overflow of Love no matter what our personal story
tries to say.
When we mute the story, "our cup runneth over..."
I mute the story.
And then my soul is restored.
Then the abundance of blessings comes along.
My cup runneth over.
I am so grateful for the overflow of LOVE!


  1. This is a great thought for today. I'm overflowing with Biblical Greek right now, in an intense January class, so I'm going to be thinking of overflowing Love instead! And I never cease to be amazed at your pictures, Maria. I would love to know where you look for them.

  2. I know the Biblical Greek can be a sure challenge!
    Let me know if I can help.

    The pictures just show up...
    You know I am so visual, sometimes I find them spontaneously, some times I shuffle through ones I have collected over time. I find them everywhere on the internet. The beauty of the web...
    The fun part is when they illustrate a spiritual message so well. And I enjoy marry them together. Soul has fun! And every time I decide to quit, I receive a message from somebody that says "keep going!"

    I am grateful to the artists that take these pictures!

  3. May be we can use some at the association?

  4. I have found that when I approach a "project" like 21 days of gratitude that it is important to let my heart and spirit surrender to the idea. If I try to "make a decision" to never complain, etc from the standpoint of a personal mind that is trying to adhere to Truth then I can actually set up a battle between truth and error. Mind, God knows nothing but It's own infinite goodness and I too can be conscious of this to some degree by reflection. But it is fundamentally because of what Mind is already knowing that I can seem to choose to know Good alone. love, Robin Radford


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